Application Modernization

On-Prem applications often require modernization to take full advantage of cloud services. This doesn’t mean having to re-architect every application to migrate to the cloud. RVPs experts will work with you and help you strike the right balance for your organization.

Thoroughly Modern
Means Being thorough

RVP understands that a detailed review of each application’s readiness for migration to the cloud is needed for a thorough modernization of a company’s systems. But, you may be surprised that some of your on-prem applications can be migrated directly with little application rewrite. 

Modernizing legacy platforms

Strategizing on how to address large, legacy monolithic applications is a challenging undertaking, often avoided or delayed due to technical complexity, risk and lack of ROI. For most businesses, ultimately the technical debt needs to be addressed. RVP can help break down these large monolithic applications into smaller components to aid our clients in addressing transformation limiting technical debt.

Services employed

Strike the right balance

RVP’s experts have experience in building on-prem and cloud-native applications as well as designing and deploying cloud infrastructure. With this experence, we bring an appreciation for diverse perspectives when problem solving during complex migrations. We can help clients identify the critical technical debt that when addressed can add substanital benefit to the business. This unique perspective helps to bring silo’ed teams together to drive for the optimum solution in alignment with desired outcomes. We appreciate how decisions made during the application modernization design effect the program budget and the long-term management of the application once in the cloud.

Services employed

application modernization strike the right balance