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RVP leverages a comprehensive ecosystem of services to deliver the optimum value for each client’s particular needs and place in their cloud journey

cloud strategy

Complete Cloud Transformation Business Case

Cloud Strategy & Assessment

The RVP team made up of technical experts and business analysts evaluates on-prem workloads targeted for migration. Using our internally developed methodology, we formulate a macro-level approach and cost/benefit, including an application inventory and proposed migration strategy, delivering a complete business case for your cloud transformation.

This means you can see the full picture in one view with multiple lenses in order to confidently set the strategy for your organization to follow. Using cloud experts to build your busienss case provides confidence in the value your cloud initiative can offer to the business and provides a high-level baseline by which to measure success. Whether just starting your cloud journey or not realizing the benefits expected, a thorough assessment of the current state is the foundation by which you can improve your architecture and/or processes to enable your business to leverage the best of the cloud.

RVP designs & implements the program processes and governance that fit the specific client. For some clients that means establishing a full Cloud Business Office responsible for Change Management & Communications, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Vendor and Contract Management, Training and Enablement, IT Finance Management, and Service Portfolio Management. For other clients that means standard program oversight of digital transformation projects. RVP will work with you and provide the right processes to help ensure your initiatives are well managed.

This means technologists in your organization, whether working in a centralized or decentralized model, can efficiently, safely and responsibly leverage cloud technology to enable the business. By providing the right processes & tooling, teams can leverage the enterprise cloud platform without unnecessary bureaucracy, while maintaining visibility to service consumption and spend.

cloud business office

Custom Solution to Manage Your Initiatives

Cloud Business Office & PMO

cloud architecture

Future-proofing Your Cloud Strategy

Cloud Architecture

Cloud service providers evolve their capabilities quickly, making it challenging to stay informed on the latest patterns. Our experts will work with you to understand what you really need, meet you where you are and help you design the cloud architecture you need now and in the future. Our Cloud Architects are experienced in working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as well as designing for multi-cloud strategies.

This means you get the foundation you need to start migrations with confidence the platform is secure and scalable in order to continue to build out additional capabilities as the business demands. The effort you and your organization expend now to achieve the committed ROI will likely have a more lasting impact, without you and your teams experiencing the “change fatigue” and cost that can come from consecutive modernization efforts.

RVP Engineers will assess your current deployment capabilities and identfy any opportunites to reduce waste in the process, including developing Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) designed to provision compliant cloud services. For clients just starting out, we can assist in your evaluation of tooling and build out of cloud infrastructure deployment automation.

This means you can confidently increase your migration velocity, knowing the necessary guardrails are automated and providing timely feedback to the migration teams.

cloud factory automation

Make it Automated & Repeatable

Cloud Factory Automation


Avoid Rollbacks


In partnership with our client application owners, the RVP team will determine the required cloud infrastructure using our proven questionnaire and design the architecture compliant to enterprise policies. Our team develops the Infrastructure-as-Code and works along-side the application team during testing and deployment to help mitigate risks and help ensure a smooth migration.

This means your application teams have the embedded cloud expertise they need to be successful. Having the experience of where current state application design and cloud services can conflict and proactively addressing changes to the application, minimizes the troubleshooting and risk of rollbacks during migration.

To have confidence your cloud platform is compliant and operating efficiently, effective monitoring is necessary to provide transparency to any issues. RVP will work with your cloud operations team to configure cloud monitoring services to collect vital actionable data. With these insights we can help you to optimize your cloud services.

This means you have transparency to the operations and costs of your cloud platform, offering great opportunities to optimize for spend with hard benefits your business will realize, while not negatively impacting performance.

monitor & optimize

Continuous Improvement that drives value

Monitor & Optimize

application modernization

Technical debt forgiveness

Application Modernization

RVP will work with you to strategize and build a plan for modernizing your applications to take advantage of cloud services by balancing the benefit of reducing technical debt and leveraging PaaS offerings with the cost of implementation. When dealing with large, monolithic applications, our team will help you find the right balance and devise a plan to build individually deployable components. Taking an interative approach to development, we can help you manage risk while addressing legacy technical debt.

This means you can address your technical debt, manage risk and take advantage of cloud services to replace old code. By building out smaller components, you can develop faster and reduce the time between feature releases, ultimately driving value for your business.