Cloud Delivery

Whether just starting your cloud journey, needing to accelerate your migrations or building an automated Cloud Factory, the RVP team has the experience you need to ensure a secure, scalable cloud solution

Secure and compliant speed to value

Not only do you need to accelerate the path to business case value, you also need to ensure ongoing optimization and security of your digital solutions. RVP provides services that deliver results now and help maintain an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement and scalability. 

cloud delivery solid foundation

Build on a solid foundation

RVP Architects are well versed in designing and building enterprise infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Whether starting a new cloud environment, evolving existing cloud infrastructure or designing for a new pattern, RVP can design and build an enterprise cloud landing zone and patterns providing a secure, scalable foundation to support mass migrations and/or cloud native development.

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Efficiency with automation

A highly automated, efficient Cloud Factory has the capability to drive cloud adoption across an enterprise and accelerate cloud migrations. Automated pipelines for deploying Infrastructure-as-Code increase speed for deployments and offer the option to shift left the required security and compliance check points.

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Keep teams focused

Successful application migrations require multiple teams to be aligned. Often application teams new to working in the cloud are left to navigate several teams; security, cloud engineering, enterprise architecture, etc. RVP can help application teams navigate this complex landscape, share their cloud expertise and troubleshoot infrastructure issues during testing so application teams can focus on feature development and deployments.

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Ongoing optimization

Post migration monitoring enables a data-driven feedback loop on security, performance and spend. The RVP team considers this feedback loop in the early days of designing the cloud landing zone and throughout the pattern development and application migration processes. This approach enables a continuous improvement strategy to managing cloud platforms with which the business can better control infrastructure spend.

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cloud delivery optimization